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ITI Awarded WhiteWater Midstream BANGL SEG B Pipeline

BANGL Pipeline stations

ITI International has been awarded technical support and mill inspection
services for WhiteWater Midstream’s BANGL Seg B pipeline system. The project
involves technical support and inspection for steel casting and rolling at Nucor,
Decatur, AL, USA; AMNS, Calvert, AL, USA and Big River Steel, Osceola, AR, USA.
The pipe production & coating for 240 miles of HF-ERW Pipe will be at American
Steel Pipe, Birmingham, AL, USA and Coated at LBFoster, Birmingham, AL, USA.

The pipeline system is expected to be operational in 2024, increasing the
company’s gathering capacity to 300,000 barrels per day. For more information
regarding the BANGL Seg B Pipeline system, click here.


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