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Oil & Gas

ITI consults, advises, and engineers for all segments of oil & gas. Onshore, off-shore, pipelines to facilities, we have seen it all.


Supporting tomorrow’s energy needs requires tomorrow’s energy solutions. We are proud to assist the renewables space.

Carbon Sequestration

Reducing emissions using Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) technology is at the forefront of reducing waste and generating a cleaner future from today’s energy solutions. 

Oil & Gas

Since its founding in 1981, ITI International has supported many of the largest and most challenging oil and gas pipeline projects. 

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, onshore or offshore, ITI provides critical support to its clients’ projects by providing industry-leading technical and inspection services backed by years of experience.

ITI provides technical consulting, engineering, and procurement services across the global marketing and in all market segments of oil and gas.

ITI is also an internationally accredited (ISO 17020) quality assurance body, supporting customers in manufacturing facilities worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.


ITI is bringing its years of experience in traditional energy to a new set of material challenges presented by renewable energy and its transmission.

Renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies are increasingly becoming an important part of our energy future. Utilizing a broad spectrum of renewables, including wind power, solar energy and even geothermal energy, is critical to supporting the power demands of the future.

Hydrogen, biofuel and geothermal projects all present new metallurgical and engineering challenges, as well as unique material requirements. We serve as our clients’ trusted partner, ensuring confidence by assuring that materials are fit for purpose.

Carbon Sequestration

ITI International is at the forefront of the carbon capture movement, providing its technical expertise to CO2 pipeline design and material procurement for leading CO2 sequestration projects.

Carbon capture and storage is one of the most important solutions to the challenge of decarbonization in energy sectors today. Controlling, capturing and storing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions allows energy companies with oil- and gas-producing assets, power plants and ethanol plants, to reduce the carbon footprint from their industrial processes by safely storing it below earth’s surface away from the atmosphere.

Removing carbon is not only important for complying with environmental regulations and combatting global warming, but also enhances oil recovery, sequestering the gas while maintaining pressure in the reservoir.

As carbon capture, transmission and geologic storage systems are developed in the coming years, ITI will be leading the way in specifying, procuring and inspecting the materials required for this new infrastructure.

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