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The ITI Difference

For more than forty years, ITI International has been a leader in providing worldwide procurement guidance, technical support and quality assurance services to clients procuring materials and engineered components for the energy sector.

ITI International was founded in 1981 as the Houston office of ITI Anti-Corrosion, a UK-based company specialized in coating inspection and testing. In 1990, Dr. J. Malcolm Gray acquired a majority interest in the Company. Dr. Gray, founder of Microalloying International, is a world-renowned metallurgist and pioneering developer of the high strength low alloy (microalloyed) steels used in modern pipeline design.

ITI has become internationally known not only for its technical, procurement and inspection services related to steel, pipe and coatings, but also for its metallurgical and welding expertise and unmatched knowledge of the world’s steelmakers and pipe producers.

The ITI team is a group of experienced professionals with a long track record of supporting the most challenging pipeline projects and a deep understanding of project development, planning, engineering, construction, and supplier qualification.

ITI International takes a holistic approach to quality assurance. We engage with our clients from the start of their procurement process. We ensure that they go to market with material engineering designs and technical specifications suitable to their project design needs. We help identify capable suppliers worldwide, and manage pre-award and pre-production technical negotiations. During the production process, our inspection teams are supported by the most respected metallurgists and materials engineers in the industry.

ITI provides inspection services, but we are much more than an inspection company. We become our clients’ trusted partner, contributing to their success through our unwavering commitment to quality, safety and integrity. We invite you to experience the ITI difference.

ISO 17020 Quality Management System

In 2011, ITI International was accredited by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board / ANAB to the ISO / IEC 17020 standard for inspection of line pipe and line pipe coatings.

The ISO / IEC 17020 standard, requirements for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection, mandates certain requirements for competence of organizations performing inspection and for the impartiality and consistency of those inspections. The management system requirements in ISO/IE 17020 are written in language relevant to inspection body operations and are aligned with the pertinent requirements of ISO 9001. In other words, the ISO 17020 accreditation is a lot more than “just ISO 9001”.

The accreditation to the ISO / IEC 17020 Standard assures ITI International’s customers of high-quality inspection services that consistently exceed industry standards. The requirements of the 17020 Standard ensure that accredited companies possess the necessary elements to provide well managed inspection services, including:

  • Management systems requirements
  • Company organization and administrative requirements
  • Documentation of operating and quality procedures
  • Resource and personnel requirements.

ITI’s quality policy is to provide a technically competent, impartial service that adds value for all interested parties including the client and the supplier. We strive to exceed client expectations in all aspects of our work, and continually improve our performance.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

In 2022, ITI International India Pvt. Ltd. became an ISO 9001 Certified company. This certification is a testament to ITI International’s continual commitment to improvement and providing our customers with the highest quality service.



ITI Anti-Corrosion Inc. established.


Company acquired by Dr. J. Malcolm Gray, a metallurgical pioneer of microalloyed steels.


Company name changed to ITI International to reflect global presence.


ITI International India is established.


Accredited to ISO 17020 Standard for Line Pipe and Line Pipe Coatings Inspection.


ITI International India receives ISO 9001 certification.


Our Team


Paul Gray

Director - Metallurgy, Technical Svcs

Daniel Guzman

Director - Operations, Inspection Svcs

Oliberto Salazar

Quality Manager

Harsh Mehta

Board Member & Principal Metallurgist

Dr. J. Malcolm Gray

Advisory Board Chairman

Dr. Nigel Croft