ITI International is the recognized leader in providing worldwide technical support and inspection services to clients procuring line pipe and engineered components for oil and gas transmission. We support our clients by addressing their project-specific demands, helping them navigate the worldwide marketplace, and providing world-class manufacturing inspection. ITI International adds value at every step of the procurement process to ensure project success.

We are ITI International

For more than forty years, ITI International has been a leader in providing worldwide procurement guidance, technical support and quality assurance services to clients procuring materials and engineered components for the energy sector.

ITI International was founded in 1981 as the Houston office of ITI Anti-Corrosion, a UK-based company specialized in coating inspection and testing. In 1990, Dr. J. Malcolm Gray acquired a majority interest in the Company. Dr. Gray, founder of Microalloying International, is a world-renowned metallurgist and pioneering developer of the high strength low alloy (microalloyed) steels used in modern pipeline design.

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